by Adam Chester (and his mother)
by adam  July 2, 2014 1:31 pm

My good friend, musician Eve Nelson and I are embarking on writing the songs for a musical for the stage based on my book, S’Mother!  Yes…Adam and Eve are Biblically taking on the S’Mother of all time…Joan!  So we started a Kickstarter project to raise the $10,000 we’ll need to allow us to continue paying for studio time, hire musicians, and secure a theater to eventually workshop what we’ve got.  We’re half way to our goal but there’s only 6 days left to fund the project.  And if it doesn’t fund, Kickstarter does not let us collect a penny of any of your donations!

To help things along, yesterday night, my mother stopped by the studio here in L.A. and actually tried lip syncing the words to the first song we wrote for the show called, “Lexapro.”  You can catch the video I made of it on the Kickstarter site, or right here!  The bumpiness at the beginning of it is due to me cracking up.  For the life of me, it was hard to hold that camera still.

Check it out!  Donate a dollar, donate five, donate anything you can.
Eve and I are also looking for a good playwright to thread the whole thing together.  Someone who’s experienced, funny, and fun!  If you know someone who fits that bill, please feel free to email me and we can discuss!  (A producer would be nice, too!)

Thank you for your time!

S’Motherly yours,

Adam (and Eve)

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by adam  February 3, 2012 10:20 am

Can you say CALLER ID?

October 4
Nobody ever answers the phone at your house.
I don’t know why I even have that number.


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by adam  October 5, 2011 9:43 pm

If you missed seeing us on the Rachael Ray Show, here is our appearance in it’s entirety. Bear witness to my mother agreeing to give me space. Okay, I’m holding my breath…

Click image to view video

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by adam  September 27, 2011 12:37 pm

On Monday, October 3rd, my mother and I will be joining Rachael Ray on her nationally syndicated talk show! Here in Los Angeles, the show airs on Channel 9 at 8am! Please check your local listings for time and channel.

Rachael enlisted the help of her good friend, The Super Nanny, Jo Frost, to see if she was capable of helping my mother when it comes to boundaries. Can the Super Nanny help grown ups, too? Is my mother able to take good advice from a professional? More importantly, will the Rachael Ray Show now be cancelled just because my mother and I are appearing on it?

Tune in and find out!

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by adam  August 4, 2011 10:23 am

Click on the video to see my mother and me on “Lopez Tonight” with George Lopez. You’ll especially enjoy the part where my mother flirts
with George.

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by adam  August 2, 2011 6:29 pm


Tomorrow night Tonight, Wed., Aug. 3rd, my mother and I will be guests on “Lopez Tonight,” the TBS late night talk show starring George Lopez! And, oddly enough, we’ll be talking about, you guessed it, “S’Mother”. So, tune in or set your DVR for Tomorrow Night Tonight – TBS!

(Check your local listings for time and channel. Viewing may cause IBS or kidney loss. Celebrity voice impersonated.)

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by adam  July 11, 2011 1:27 pm

I wanted to share some good news about my book, “S’Mother.”

Within the next week, the LA Times will be featuring an interview and article about my mother and I and the book in their Calendar section. We’re also going to be on KCAL 9 News on Thursday, July 21st at 2:44pm for a live interview! I promised everyone that I’d try to look less bothered by her on television by doubling up on my Lexapro dosage.

Aside from all that, if you’re in the Los Angeles area, I’d like for you to be at our BIG book signing taking place next Friday, July 22nd at 7pm inside the Barnes and Noble on the 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica. If you already have the book, it’s always good to purchase a spare to have around. It would make my mother very proud, and I know she’d LOVE to autograph it for you that night. We plan on reading a few of her classic letters and a couple of brand new embarrassing ones. But wait. There’s more!

I’ll also be playing the keyboard and joined on the guitar by my friend, the one and only DAVEY JOHNSTONE from the Elton John Band! Davey is currently the musical director for Elton and his lead guitarist since 1971. He and I are building our ‘Songs about mothers’ setlist that will prove to be short, appropriate and a whole lotta fun. I wouldn’t be surprised if my mother decides to pick up her kazoo and jam with us.

S’Mother the book? It’s S’Mother the musical!

Please stop by and bring a friend! Thanks!

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by adam  May 4, 2011 8:48 pm

The “S’Mother” audiobook, from Dreamscape Media LLC, read by my mother and me, is now available for purchase on their website. This is great news for my mother, me, and anyone who wants to enhance their enjoyment of “S’Mother” by hearing the genuine angst in my voice. Just follow the link!

“S’Mother” Audiobook at Dreamscape

Also available for pre-order at

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by adam  April 15, 2011 10:20 am

Here’s a nice review from the NY Journal Of Books…!

In S’Mother: The Story of a Man, His Mom and the Thousands of Altogether Insane Letters She’s Mailed Him, Adam Chester recounts a lifetime of humiliating circumstances suffered at the hands of his strange and bizarrely random mother—as well as the thousands of outlandish, often disjointed, letters he received once he could get far enough away.

Adam’s story begins with a recounting of a day in seventh grade when his mother wandered through the boys’ locker room, loudly bleating her son’s name and ignoring the smattering of huddled, semi-naked pre-pubescent boys in her proximity.

One would assume something awful had happened—perhaps the accidental death or dismemberment of a family member—the only possible reason that someone’s mother would be screaming her son’s name in the boys locker room. Under normal circumstances, in anybody else’s life, this might be the case—just not in Adam Chester’s world. Indeed, nobody had died; Mrs. Chester simply wanted to deliver a sweater to her son in case it rained.

After going off to college 3,000 miles away where he majored in music, Adam began getting a slew of strange postcards, cryptic notes, and sometimes wordless letters, carrying random admonishments, bizarre accusations, and often funny life tips—though perhaps not funny at the time. Adam’s resultant compilation of these pulpy treasures now provides hours of endless entertainment for the rest of us.

Sadly, for Adam, interaction with his mother didn’t remain on paper for long. After he was in a fairly serious car accident, Mrs. Chester did what any mother would do: She flew out to care for her son; however, it was done in the way that only “Adam’s mom” could do it—she installed herself in his dorm room. With his roommates. For months.

Luckily for Adam, his mother was not the sum total of his existence; he still managed to have a few high points in life: including a video debut on MTV and as the piano-playing stand-in for Elton John (his childhood idol) concert rehearsals.

Now happily married with two children, Adam and his wife can cling to each other as they nervously laugh about the past, while holding on to their one hope for the future—that the senior Mrs. Chester never learns how to text.

Reviewer Renee C. Fountain is a publishing industry veteran, freelance writer, and book scout for a well-known television network.

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by adam  March 18, 2011 9:45 pm

     Very exciting news! “Smother” is being released earlier than expected in order to be in bookstores for Mother’s Day! I just found out that it’s shipping NEXT WEEK!!!!! Oh my!

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