by Adam Chester (and his mother)
by adam  February 18, 2014 2:41 pm

A Pee-Wee basketball practice at a local park on a beautiful warm and sunny Sunday afternoon.  My mother decided to come along.

All good.

Until she sat on a bench right next to this guy, (approximately my age) who was already knee deep in conversation with another young lady about a new girl he was dating.  My mother, who of course, was listening in, waited about five or so minutes and proudly said she had heard enough.  Her question to him still echoing in my mind, simply queried, “Look…is she good in bed?”

Guess I won’t be going back to that park.

Mom at the park


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by adam  May 21, 2013 8:14 am

My mother just got herself her very own apartment in this fantastic building for independent seniors.  Even has a nice pool we could all go swimming in!

Man, you talk about a party pooper…









by adam  April 14, 2013 9:49 pm

Her orthopedic surgeon said it was the worst knee he had ever operated on in over 26 years of practice. But thanks to his talent and diligence, it was a success. Total knee replacement!

The other day, after five difficult weeks of rehab, I took her back to my house to see the kids and hang out for a little bit.

She lit up a cigarette. Outside it was a little overcast, but otherwise a wonderfully quiet weekend morning.

There we were. The two of us. Sitting calmly as if we had always been the best of friends. During a light breeze, I thought to myself, damn. She’s changed. This is awesome. She’s relaxed. She’ll be moving around much better sooner than you know it, and you know? I could easily see us hanging out together and socializing like normal families do. Grabbing a brunch…, having a few laughs, shootin’ the shit…

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by adam  December 26, 2012 7:44 pm

My mother’s been using the same ol’ metal cane for years.  It’s that type of cane that makes her look like…some sort of twisted protégée of Captain Hook.

So for Christmas, I decided to give her a chic and sassy, elegant looking cane.  You know.  The kind of fashionable cane that might turn some heads.  Make her feel a little better about having to use the damn cane in the first place.

Guess that was a bad idea.

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by adam  December 9, 2012 5:49 pm

Ok fine.  Props where props are due.

But seriously, does she have to come to my party?

Twitching animated emoticon



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by adam  October 19, 2012 8:11 am




Dear Adam & Dana-

Am at my desk and thought I’d drop a line re:  Halloween.

When you open the door to give out candy, please make sure it’s children at the door as they’re having robbers go out on Halloween to rob people’s houses.  I read it in paper.

Also, when you go to Miami on Thanksgiving, please don’t give Michael a ride anywhere as he goes to ‘bad’ places & don’t let him drive the car.  Just stay far away from him.  Really!!

I sent Nan the picture of you & me Adam in Boston that you gave me.

Take care of each other-

Love, Mom


by adam  September 21, 2012 1:23 pm

Let’s see…asphyxiation?  Check.  Vandalism? Check.  Make sure you worry about things that really don’t matter? Check.

And, oh yeah…I almost forgot something…Does your wife not like when I visit?

Watch Marcello as he puts things around his neck and he could choke himself! Also, make sure the front door is locked as anyone could come up and open the door.
And, when you pick-up Truman, make sure you get there early enough so you could get a parking spot.
Why does Maria wait till I leave before she comes home? I never get to see her!
Is it personal?

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by adam  August 31, 2012 10:42 am

Warnings. They’re as constant as the Four Seasons…
Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall.
Only in my mother’s world, they’re better known as-
Aunt Bonnie, Uncle Michael, Alisa and Saul.
Well, it rhymes, right?

March 14, 1988
Dear Adam,
Don’t tell Bonnie any of your business unless you want everyone to know.
She likes to talk to people. It makes her feel important.
Don’t ever let Michael in your apartment. He’s no good and he’ll steal anything you have when you’re not looking. I’m very serious. I won’t let him in mine and Bonnie told me she won’t let him in hers.
You better believe if he shows up there, it’s for no good.
Is Alisa working or going to school? What is she doing? What are her goals?
Saul, my landlord, is a bastard and after June, I will be out of here.

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by adam  August 24, 2012 11:18 am

Here in LA, my mother loves to watch tv.
Specifically, channel 13 as it airs a lot of older, fun tv shows.
In October of 2009, she came up with a great idea.

October 6, 2009
I’ve got a great idea.
I think you should call Seinfeld. He’s on Channel 13. Maybe he could put a character on his show similar to you. Someone who’s a struggling musician doing all sorts of things to make a living. It would be a great addition and I bet Seinfeld would LOVE it! He could even use your music in the episodes.
It was a brainstorm that just came to me.

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by adam  August 10, 2012 12:10 pm

I think she forgot to tell me that I’ve got to put a stamp on the envelope, too.
Luckily, I’m smart.

June 21, 1985
Enclosed find 3 separate letters or papers.
1. Says you have to sign claim form (yellow paper) on bottom where it is circled only in order for it to remain current.
2. Sign white sheet where it says other group insurance.
3. Do NOT fill out anything on yellow sheet other than your signature where it is circled.
Do NOT answer where you are employed, income, or anything else. What I filled out is enough. I spoke to the insurance man on the phone and he said name and address and a signature is enough.
Put the 3 papers in the envelope and mail.

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